Mindset Matters

Featured Faith

What you think about magnifies so think good thoughts, thankful thoughts, pure thoughts. 

It’s hard to keep the mind focused. It’s a discipline that needs to be exercised. 

It takes intentionality and rising above your emotions, which can be difficult especially you’re an empath and sensitive soul, but that’s why we hold onto faith because when we can no longer hold on with our own physical and emotional strength we lean on and rely on God to lift us up, to strengthen us, to be our peace. 

Be intentional with what you choose to listen to, watch, read. Key word being choose. You have the choice. 

Know Who you talk to, what you say, what you’re sharing. 

Guard your heart and not in a ‘I’m never letting anyone in way’ but just be aware of what you’re allowing in as all of these things affect your mind, your heart, your soul. 

It’s a daily battle. The mind is a battlefield but with the strength and armour of the Lord, you can win

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