Hold on and when you feel like you want to let go, hold on even more

Love and Relationships

Now from the title this may sound a bit counter-intuitive especially in the context of relationships which we are in presently, but let me just caveat by saying this is not a post advising anybody to stay and hold onto a relationship that is abusive or manipulative. Full stop. Period. 

In this case, I’m referring to our relationship with the Lord. 

Last week we looked at the relationship we have with ourselves which is very important and this week we’re looking at the relationship we have with God. This walk of faith, as I have mentioned in previous posts, is not plain sailing, but one thing I’m coming to learn is that the point at which you just feel to give up, hand in the towel, manage with the status quo is the exact time that God is doing that final stretch in you.

The reason you feel tired, over it, fed up, annoyed, frustrated, upset, and all the rest of those associated feelings is because you just can’t seem to see how it will all come together. You may understand that God is at work but you just can’t really see how or even why it has to be the way it is. 

If you follow Bee Crowned then you’ll be aware that my word for this year is courageous. Now as we’ve reached the halfway point, it still is definitely my word but to it, I’m adding perseverance. 

One of the meanings for the word courageous is ‘not deterred by danger or pain’ and a synonym for perseverance is steadfastness which is continued, sustained belief and loyalty. 

Now in this present stage of my life, this is what my purpose is, continuing in and being loyal to my faith in the Lord irrespective and not deterred by what it looks like. 

This takes courage. 

Becoming more in tune with the fact that my good and God’s good are totally different (Ephesians 3:20) and my time and God’s time is exceptionally different lol but choosing to believe that God is still always good anyway.  

All of this doesn’t mean that anything drastic is going on, but it’s just a huge sense of reality setting in. 

Reality so happens to be a strong dose of wow and just a strong dose of wow that I never really expected to be honest.

A lot of what goes on behind the scenes is not seen, heard or felt. A lot of battles remain unspoken for, unuttered, unmentioned - the battles in the mind, the battles of the flesh, the battles of the heart and the emotions. A lot of growth can’t be explained, not saying that it can never be explained but just at the present time it can’t be explained and that can sometimes make reality a difficult and hard place. 

But this is where God comes in, when we feel at our end, He is just beginning. It’s in our weaknesses that God’s strength truly comes to light and that’s what we need to lean into during times like this. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10) 

It’s definitely a discipline that needs to be exercised and like exercise it’s not an easy or always an enjoyable thing (depending on who is reading lol) (Hebrews 12: 1- 17) but the end always always far outweighs the beginning so don’t give up hope on your faith and keep holding on, even when and most especially when you feel like giving up and letting go. (Ecclesiastes 7:8) 

Till next week

BC xx

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