The theme of gratitude and joy regardless has been on my mind lately so I thought that this month of June our affirmations will focus on gratitude and thanks.

The definition above is for joy in general. As a Christian the source or cause of your keen pleasure and delight should firstly be in Christ.

That’s not to say a Christian cannot find joy in things such as friendships, celebrations, having fun etc no definitely find joy in all those things but irrespective of whether all those things are there or not, our joy should still be plenty because we have Christ.

Now this is a fruit and discipline that needs to be developed because, I can definitely speak for myself, sometimes it can be hard for me to be joyful. So this month I am being super intentional with my thoughts, with my words (Psalm 19:14) and just in general what I allow to get to my soul. 

Not going to be rushing ahead but literally taking things one day at a time. 

June - let’s get it! 

B xxx

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