Courageous Day 7 - Courage to Know Him

Devotions, reflections and prayers

Eek!! We’re at the end of this set devotional! It’s been fun and I’ve definitely learnt from it. 

Today my question to you is do you have the courage to get to know God deeper? 

It may seem like, ‘Bee, what kind of question is this?’ but really and truly do you have the courage to do it? 

A lot of the time, people look at the Christian faith and think that things will all be peachy and smooth all of the time, every single day and don’t get me wrong, there truly is goodness in each and every single day but as Jesus did tell us, in this world we will go through hard times. The thing about those times though is that they don’t last forever. (John 16:33, Psalm 30:5)

Of course when you’re in it things just seem so *insert word for feelings of exasperation here* but for me personally, one of the things that have helped me when going through those times is seeking Christ more and more. How?? Read on….

Before, when going through tough times, I used to find it hard to go to God, I would just be in my zone until I was ready to start praying again. As I have grown and matured in the faith, however, when those times come, I have drawn in deeper to seek Him because that is where I can find my soul peace, my heart peace, my mind peace. That is where I can receive a Word that I can hold onto and repeat back to myself through the days, hours, minutes. 

It’s not always easy though, and I really enlist the use of YouTube sermons, devotionals, Gospel music to help me. We have all these tools available, so don’t be afraid to use them, just be sure not to substitue them for reading the Word for yourself… (I may do a study on this one day only by God’s grace though because I wouldn’t know where to start lol)

I will write a tiny bit more in my end of year post so definitely keep an eye out for that, but 2020 has been challenging. Through it all though however, having the Word to seek solace in has been the most amazing thing and I truly do wish that you all experience the wonder and warmth, strength and soothing, love and lasting peace that comes from being courageous enough to go deeper in your faith, deeper in your walk, deeper in Christ. 

Happy New Year in advance and thanks for coming on the Courageous 2020 journey with me

Love always

Bee xoxox

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