2020, A Year of...


To say ‘2020 what a year’ would be an understatement. 

This has definitely been a year of surprises - both on the good and the not so good side. 

It’s been a year where God has shown up in the most random and most unexpected of ways to remind me that I am never alone, always heard and always loved. A year where in the smallest and most surprising of ways, God smiled on me and blessed me with unexplainable joy and peace of heart, mind and soul. 

It’s been a year in which the lows were definite lows but the high moments were most truly high. 

A year where friendships changed - the dynamics, some strengthened, some lost, some moved from the inner circle to the outer - and where I’m learning and still learning to be honest, to adjust to that.

A year where boundaries had to be put in place which can be hard to do at times but necessary for the peace of mind and soul. 

It’s been a year where clinging to God was imperative, The Anchor that could hold me in place even through the fiercest of storms.

A year of releasing fear and doing things I would have previously found daunting.

A year of speaking and sharing things I would have not usually. 

A year of seeking God and His answers for situations, some have been made clear right away others still waiting on but trusting nonetheless. 

One thing has remained sure for me and that is the fact that even though my flesh and my heart will most assuredly fail, that is to say, my emotions will escape me, my feelings will falter, God is The One and Only One that will remain constant, sure and will always be my strength, my shield, my hope, my all. (Psalm 73:26)

There’s a line in one of my favourite songs, which is reminiscent of Romans 8:28 and Ecclesiates 3:11 that I’m definitely keeping stored and reminding myself of: 

‘My imperfections were a part of your plan and if all things work together in the end, the broken will be beautiful.’

I trust and know that irrespective of the brokenness that may have been experienced this year whether that be through the loss of a loved one, the letting go of a relationship, the loss of a job or a business, health challenges, relational challenges, the anxiety, depression or whatever it may have been, God is in the business and is the Master of making each and every single thing pertaining to His children work out for good and ensuring that it is beautiful in it’s right time. Our job is to keep the faith, to hold onto the truth, to believe. 

Blessed are they who believed that the Lord will fulfil their promises to them. 

Happy New Year,

Bee xxx

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