Courageous Day 6 - Courage to Hope Again

Devotions, reflections and prayers

Almost a new year! How are you feeling about it? I definitely am grateful. I am thankful for the year that has passed and also expectant for what is to come. In that vein, today’s post is about being courageous to hope. 

Sometimes the sting of disappointment can keep us from hoping and dreaming again. Sometimes you feel as though you don’t want to set yourself up again to just be let down but that is looking at things through the world’s perspective - protecting and guarding yourself from experiencing good things. I’ve been there and it’s limiting - it stops you from stepping out because the pain of previous failures, rejections and setbacks seems way too big but did you know that freedom, liberty, release, fresh air and a new lease of hope exists on the other side of fear? 

Being trapped by fear is horrible. It cripples, it maims, it distorts. Fear is not of God and is a weapon that the enemy uses to trap a whole lot of people. God is a God of hope and inasmuch as it is important to hope in line with the Word of God (that is to say speak to God, understand who He is and those hopes will begin to make sense to you) it’s important to not limit those hopes. 

Hannah hoped, she trusted and she believed. Irrespective of what anyone may think of her, she hoped and she bore the fruit of that hope in the form of her son Samuel and the many other children God granted to her. (1 Samuel 1 - 1 Samuel 2:21

God is limitless but we limit Him according to how much we know Him. Did you know that God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond all that we could ever hope for? (Ephesians 3:20)

Please don’t let the fear of pain, stop you from hoping. I know that life can be tough, seasons can be testing, things can seem bleak and meh but be courageous enough to hope that God is with you, He will never leave you nor forsake you and as I have also mentioned, even if things don’t work out how you expected them to, that doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t hope again. As a child of God, irrespective of the now, it’s definitely going to be alright.

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