Courageous Day 2 - Courage to hope, courage to continue, courage to believe

Devotions, reflections and prayers

What do you do when you’re just tired? Motivation levels are low, energy is low, things seem mundane to do, dry, boring, tiring! What do you do? How do you keep the hope alive? If I told you that it takes courage you may think how but it definitely does; I’ll explain: 

Firstly, courage is not just associated with winning a war, fighting animals in the wild, doing drastic and extravagant things. Sometimes being courageous can be getting out of bed when you’re really just not feeling up to it, facing the day and completing the day successfully. It can take a lot to do that. Don’t let the things around you undermine what courage means to you. Your courageous feat can be and may very well be totally different to the next person’s, but that does not make it less courageous. 

When your motivation and all is low, the natural thing to do is to just wallow, be in your thoughts and just see how it all goes. It takes courage to reset your thoughts, to keep pushing, to keep hope alive and to believe that God will make something out of it all. 

Brownyn Cardwell wrote in a devotional I read that ‘unbelief hinders the power of God in our lives.’ It can be hard to believe when things do not seem to be going how you thought they would, when your reality and your dreams are polar opposites at the moment, when you know you’re not where you should be but the way things are at the moment just seem so… It takes a lot during times and seasons like this to believe but you must hold on to the faith. 

In Habakkuk 3, things were dry. Nothing was being produced, in terms of harvest, crops, plants everything was dry and of course those are means of livelihood, however, irrespective of the dry season around, Habakkuk (a prophet of the time) said ‘but I will still celebrate because the Lord God is my Saviour.’

I read that and thought wow. Knowing Jesus was more than enough cause for him to celebrate despite the challenges and that in itself sparked motivation for me. Even if nothing changes, the fact that I know Jesus is enough. Is Jesus enough for you?

Even when you are tired, the courageous act is still choosing to believe, have hope, keep the faith. That is boldness, that is saying to your situation or circumstance that yes you may be big and seem insurmountable but my God is bigger and can move mountains as though they were chess pieces.

Being courageous is still choosing to pray, to read your Bible, to meditate on the Word. It can be hard when you’re tired and demotivated but those Words of truth spark hope in the heart. Hope only needs a touch of water to manifest and the Word is the water that never runs dry so be courageous enough to read a verse, memorise it and repeat it to yourself out loud. Reignite hope in your life. (Job 14:7-9, John 4:14)

Honestly even as I’m writing these devotionals, I myself am just tired and have been in a tired state as of late, but one thing I’m doing to keep myself motivated is reading those words of Truth. The Word never ever fails to deliver, to save and to encourage.

Be courageous enough to keep hope alive xxx

If you’re struggling to find some verses, you can check out some verses here.

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