Courageous - Introduction

Devotions, reflections and prayers

Have you ever wanted to do something but been paralysed by fear? 

Paralysed by what people will think? How they would react? Paralysed by the thought of being rejected, unwanted, left alone? Scared of what the report or response may be? Fearful because you think it could fail or that it could be your only shot and you don’t want to ruin it? 

You are not alone. I’ve been there and others have been there too. 

In these next few days we are going to look at different ways in which we can display courage. Different ways we can be bold, unwavering, brave and essentially set free from the fear of whatever it may be that threatens to hold us down and keep us back. 

We’ll also look at different characters in the Bible and the courageous feats they accomplished by trusting in their Lord and Saviour. 

So come along with me as we embark on our journeys of being courageous.

Love Bee xoxox 


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