Exploring and Overcoming Anxiety Part 1

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One of my favourite and most impactful devotions I have read, and trust me when I say I have read many especially during this lockdown period, has to be “The 7 Day Anxiety Detox - Practical Tips for Biblically Overcoming Anxiety” by Brittney Moses. It’s something that I go back to and read again on the Youversion Bible App. 

Why do I re-read it, some may ask, well because like with anything you want to really grasp and understand you have to keep on reading and taking in the information until it becomes part of you. Hence why as Christians we are exhorted to meditate and dwell on the Word because once those words become etched on our hearts and mind, they lead us and guide us in the way that we should go, making our way prosperous

But back to the post, Brittney Moses does an absolute stellar job, in my opinion, in fusing together general knowledge pertaining to anxiety, clear and easy practical steps and also a Biblical foundation. During this whole lockdown period I have read a host of devotions on the topic of worry, fear, insecurity and anxiety and this one has been one that has really stood out and also personally helped me. 

I may have to break down this post into several parts because one whole post may be too long to read lol, so we’ll take this post as part one. The first main thing that stood out for me and that continues to help me presently is the concept of

  • Metacognition

As explained by Brittney, this is “an incredible God-given skill [that] means you have the ability to think about your thoughts”. 

It may sound simple to you but for me that in itself was mindblowing. Why? Well because sometimes when thoughts land especially thoughts of insecurity, fear, worry and anxiety, they seem to be really really hard to budge and shift. I don’t know if that’s the case for you but it certainly was/is (we still working on it lol) the case for me. The thoughts just seem so heavy and it’s like they linger but by reading this I was reminded that I can actually take a minute to stop and sift through the thoughts and then ‘throw out’ essentially the truth from the lies. 


Firstly by thinking about what the facts at hand are and also by affirming myself with the Word of God that relates to my situation. 

Now writing this makes it sound so easy but it really does take some practice and what I have decided to call mind workout because it actually requires effort. 

It’s literally like thought pops in mind, triggers a fear or worry, need to think about it, is this founded on truth or lies, it’s founded on lies. Okay reject that thought and profess truth. 

That’s literally how the process works in my mind but there are days when I am tired, when I feel emotionally exhausted, when I’m hungry lol, frustrated, hormonal, I mean a whole host of other emotions and doing this process can be even more difficult but that also reminds me that God’s strength is made perfect when I am weak. Basically meaning that at my own emotional and physical end, is where I can truly see and experience the mighty power of God, which is always at work mind you, but which we truly see when we have surrendered to Him fully. 

This is a continuous battle and if you recall, I mentioned that I have to affirm and profess the truth over the fearful, anxious, worrisome and insecurity fuelled thoughts which basically means I need to be reading, listening and taking in the Word of God constantly because how can I profess a truth that I don’t know? It’s the truth you know that will set you free.

This is not just a ‘because one day I don’t feel it, I don’t need to pray or to seek the Lord or read my Bible.’ If anything, battling with anxious, fearful and insecurity induced thoughts have made me want to seek the face of and dwell in the Word of the Lord more because I realised how much I need His grace, His strength and His mercy to take me through.

Guys it’s ongoing but with Christ by my side, I know it’s all good, part two soon come.

Love and hugs 

Bee xxx

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