Good day or not, God is still in control


Some days are hard and some days are easy but irrespective of whether the days are hard or not, God is still in control.

It seems as though that is not the most empathetic thing to say to someone going through it and to be honest it’s not really but truth is not really about feelings, sentiments, emotions. Truth is fact. Something that remains the same, will never change, has no shadow of turning and that’s why it’s something that needs to be repeated, spoken and thought of constantly. 

A lot of the time, people think of Christianity as pandering to the needs and feelings of people. God is seen to be good when the things that we desire come to pass and viewed upon as being ‘bad’ when things are not going the way we thought they would. But guess what’s wrong with the last sentence I wrote? It’s all about what we desire and what we think and that’s not the way it should be.

We were born to worship Him. We were born to serve Him. We were born to reflect His glory and His goodness but ever since the fall and when human logic and reason came into play things have been thwarted. 

In Hebrews, we’re advised to lay aside, strip off, remove and take down every weight that prevents us from attaining the prize, from running our race, from being who God called and created us to be. 

This isn’t a mere, let me lay aside, strip off, remove and take down my clothes after a long day mind you, many times this is the process of unlearning the ‘self centred’ traits and approaches to things which we have learnt over the years that can hinder and prevent our becoming, our running the race, our obtaining the prize. 

Those habits or things we have picked up that don’t line up with the Word. The experiences we have been through that have adversly affected the way we view situations, the not so pleasant ways in which we respond and/or react to circumstances. These are things we need to lay aside, strip off, remove and take down. The things that have been implanted in our hearts that veer us off course and heart matters are no mean feat. Our hearts are the epicentre of everything we do, so if the heart is harbouring attitudes, thought patterns, responses and beliefs that don’t line up with God’s Word then…

We are also advised to fix our eyes on Jesus. To fix your eyes on something means to not take your gaze off it. Ask a young child to look at something for 10 seconds but in those same 10 seconds, make a whole lot of noise and see what happens. Literally there are so many things vying for our attention: family stuff, money, relationships, heartache, health, pain, disappointment, worry - so so much and it takes everything to just lay all of those things aside and keep your gaze on Christ. It requires true intent, it requires humility, it requires us to let go of the reins and control we have assumed over our life and hand it back to the One who is truly in control. 

It’s a process for sure that needs honest intent and commiment. It’s a process that needs to be deliberate and worked at. It’s a process that means surrender and a daily seeking of His Word to obtain the grace and strength that is needed. I won’t lie to you and say it’s not hard but I also will not say it’s impossible. 

Although we are imperfect beings, we serve a perfecting God who is pruning, moulding and shaping us, if we permit, into the image He intended. That will mean for the most part things not happening in the way you thought, but that’s okay because as we established from the beginning of this post, the fact of the matter is that God is in control. So if you need to cry, you cry, if you need to vent, you vent, (trusted people) if you feel frustrated, tell God your frustrations but then wipe your tears, take a deep breath and affirm yourself by saying: 

‘It is well with me and all that concerns me. I serve a Living God who never fails, who is in control and who will make all things that pertain to me not only work out for my good but will also make it beautiful in its right time. Amen.’

Keep the faith, hold on to truth and remember who’s in control

Love and hugs 

Bee xxxx

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