COVID - 19


Okay so who would have ever thought that we would see something like this and who thought it would come so so close to home? 

One minute we see it on the news and albeit in the world we live in, it just seems to be far away, now we are all staying home and have been for some time now and hearing the reality of the situation can really start to make one ponder, feel frightened and unsure amongst other feelings. 

Family members and friends may be falling ill, relationships may be on edge, finances may be stretching really thinly, I mean there are a lot of things on the minds of the nation but in and amongst all of these thoughts and all of these feelings I do want to encourage you to be still, hold firmly and tightly to the Truth and trust God. 

In times of uncertainty, heightened emotional states and panic, one of the best things to do is to go back to the Truth becuase it is ultimately the Truth that you know that will set you free. 

It’s God’s Truth in times like this that will help you to stand strong, stand sure and stand certain. 

It’s the Truth that you have hidden in your heart and in your mind that will bring comfort to your souls when you are feeling anxious, when you are worried beyond control, when you are overwhelmed with what is going on around you. 

I won’t advise or recommend something that I do not know works and you may be thinking how can I practically do this? What Truths in the Word can I actually hold on to? I won’t leave you hanging guys lol, If you click here you can see a host of different verses that you can use to pray, to reflect on and to hold close to your heart. 

When those thoughts, those fears, those feelings come creeping, the key is to use the Word as soon as possible. 

You have the authority within you to pull down the thoughts that can at times cripple and debilitate but it’s important to keep building yourself up so when the times come you know exactly what you have to use. 

Like a master chef who is making an exquisite meal and then all of a sudden one of the sous chefs accidently puts the wrong ingredient in, of course there is panic all around but because the master chef has been in the kitchen for years perfecting their craft, they know exactly what ingredient to pull out of the cupboard to balance all the flavours again. 

It does take time, do not get me wrong but that is where grace comes in, God will never leave His own stranded, helpless or alone. He is literally at the gates of our hearts knocking and waiting patiently for us to let Him in. The question to ask is will you let Him enter? 



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