Tips for managing your schedule


Being eager to please and help others (from a place of genuinely wanting to help) is fine. But have you had a look at what your body and health is saying first?

It’s all well and good helping others but wouldn’t you prefer to give from a well watered source? Sometimes saying no is really in our own best interest. 

Here are some tips you can think about and hopefully implement that may help with your time management. 

  • Think before responding

Like seriously. You don’t always have to say yes straight away. Take a look at what you have going on and plan accordingly. 

  • Use a diary/planner/phone calendar/notebook

Basically what I am getting at is write things down. Make a note of upcoming things so that you can make sure you’re not burning yourself out going to events or having meet ups day after day after day. 

  • Try as much as you can to schedule in “nothing weekends”

A wise friend once told me to ‘schedule in down time’ and I can’t tell you how valuable that advice was. Honestly if you’re like me and it really is something weekend after weekend, day after day and you have a schedule, then really truly pencil in a weekend where it’s ‘nothing’. You owe it to your body. It’s a temple

  • (For the ladies) Plan around your time of the month

Some women may experience PMS, period pain and all the associated discomforts to a higher level than others. If that’s you, girl please look after yourself.  Your body needs as much energy as it can get during these times without you getting worked up by being extremely busy, especially when you don’t have to be. 

  • How’s lunch?

Think of other ways you can have meet ups with people. If after work proves difficult how about lunch breaks? The thing about this is, the meeting will be specific and straight to the point because one can’t spend forever at lunch…

  • Pray about it 

There is nothing you can’t take to the Lord and if your schedule is something that is proving stressful - honestly take it to the Lord.  Prayer point: Father Lord help me to discern what are the priorities and what are the nice to haves in terms of my time. Give me strength to be able to say no to some things, so that I can take the time to rest and be restored. 

  • Don’t feel guilty 

Sometimes as a person who is always willing to help and go out on a limb for others, it may feel weird taking a step back, but it’s totally fine. It is good to rest, to sleep and to not wear yourself out. Don’t forget you can always talk about how you feel with your trusted people too.

  • No over promising or over committing

Let your yes be your yes and let your no be your no. Listen first to what is being asked of/required, then refer back to point number 1 (think about it) and then respond accordingly.  

Hope these tips can help! Let me know what you think - do you use any of these already? What tips could we add to the list?

Bee xxxx

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