Adulting - the realities


Growing up adulthood seemed to be almost idolised to an extent. Being an adult had the enticing allure of doing what you wanted, going out and staying out until whenever you wanted and buying whatever you wanted to name a few. 

The attraction of these things as well having your own place, driving your own car and the dreams one has as a child for their future make being an adult, in some perspectives as a child, so much more fun and appealing. Get there in reality though and there’s just so much more to it than that.

Don’t get me wrong I am super grateful for where I’m at now in my life and to be fair wouldn’t like to go back to secondary school or university times, but there’s just something about the responsibilities and curve balls of adult life that can really get to you. 

Disappointment, heartache, health, relationships, finances, career, children, mortgage, decisions, the list is endless. 

Sometimes it can all seem a little too much to handle and a little too much to bear, so what can one do? 

How does one navigate through the realities of adulthood without wanting to just throw in the towel? 

Firstly it’s important to know and understand that at times it’s okay to not be okay.

To be fair especially in this generation, making it known that you are feeling down has become so much more acceptable. For many of us it has always been an ‘I have to put on a strong face’ facade, due to our environments growing up, and even though that specific learned behaviour may take a while to unravel, I feel as though in today’s society it is becoming more acceptable to admit when things are not going well or when you are not feeling 100%. 

In Christian circles, however, I believe being honest about how you really feel, is an area in which plenty of work remains to be done. Many Christians cover up their issues and struggles because they do not want it to appear as though they have lost faith. One thing that is important to remember is that you have to be honest with yourself and be honest with God. There is so much more to go into on this topic so I will leave this particular point here for now… 

Always remember your why 

Sometimes your why can get lost in the midst of it all. What you’re doing just becomes part and parcel of a routine as opposed to being purposeful and impactful. This is a wholeee topic that is pending to be explored however, what I will say for now is purposeful activity does not always equate to mass scale and widely known. You are acting in purpose and producing meaningful, impactful and purposeful fruits when you walk in the way that God has destined for you.

When you start to live according to what others are doing, when you start to compare your life to that of another and start replicating their walk, that’s when things start getting all confusing. God does not author confusion so where there is no clarity, it serves as a reminder that you need to go back to The One who is able to provide clarity about your why. 

Cast your cares, cast your cares, cast your cares 

It’s often said in the world of literature studies, that when things are written in threes, it’s a literary device to grab the reader’s attention. In this case that most certainly stands. This even tallys a bit with the first point in terms of admitting when you are not okay. So often we feel that we have to be the one in control but in life, especially as a Child of God, surrender and humility is so important. We must learn to surrender ourselves to Him and learn to cast our cares upon Him because He truly does care for us.

I know and understand that whilst going through it, it seems so far-fetched that a Father would enable His children to go through such stormy times, but God will always honour His Word. He said that all things will work out for good for those who love Him and for those that are called according to His purpose so even in the midst of the curveballs that life throws our way, that still stands. 

The trial may last days, weeks, months and even years but His Word still stands. Cast your cares on Him - that means to basically lay it at His feet…

Prayer Starter: Lord I can’t lie to you, this situation right here (name the situation) is getting to me in ways I would never have imagined. I feel (how ever you feel) about it and to be fair, it’s making me question so many things, but Lord I want to hand it to You. I want to feel your peace in my heart, my mind and my soul and I want to trust that You will make a way for me. Lord I cast my cares onto you and trust that as my Father You will complete what you started in me. Help me to hold on to the Truth irrespective of my emotions and when I feel that it’s all getting way over my head, help me to remember that You care. Amen 

Lots of love, 


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