Growth is not comfortable, it's hard


So I recently came across a post on instagram that said ‘growth and comfort do not co-exist’. There’s been quite a few posts I’ve seen recently with phrases that have just clicked and this is one of them. 

Growth is good. It’s great actually. Synonyms for growth include expansion, progress, development, advancement, increase and multiplication. (According to

We want growth, we desire growth, we pray for growth. Growth in terms of our livelihoods, our finances, our dreams, our desires, ourselves but at the same time we also want to be happy practically all the time and feel good going whilst through the growth, feel at ease. 

But hey, this is real life. 








Let’s look back to a couple of the synonyms of growth I listed above. In order to progress and develop, for example, one needs to undergo a process. Whether that means furthering one’s education, undertaking extra hours in a role, cutting back on certain things, sacrificing other things, there is a process involved. A process, as is defined by Oxford Dictionaries, is ‘a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end’. 

So from this, we are starting to better understand the fact that growth, which can also be known as progress or development, requires certain steps or actions. Steps and actions connotes some kind of physical exertion which can at times be difficult, frustrating, tiresome, painful, plain long and just not comfortable.

 Does this mean we shy away from growing, progressing, developing?  Does it mean we run away from the things that could be? 

No it doesn’t. 

Now, I’m not saying that this is all 100% plain sailing because as mentioned earlier this is real life and real life means that there are real issues and hurdles that will absolutely come up along the way. There will most certainly be tears, there will undoubtedly be questions you have no answers to whatsoever, there will unquestionably be disappointment, hurt, setbacks and failure. There could potentially be anger, dependent on the temperament of the individual, but again reiterating that these times will come as part of the growth stage. 

You may question yourself, your abilities and even God. You may begin to feel as though you are the only one experiencing what you are experiencing. You could start to wallow and dwell on thoughts in your mind amplifying the situation to yourself, replaying things over and over in your mind until it just gets you down. 

But this is not the way. Trust me when I say that there is nothing new under the sun. There is nothing that you are dealing with or facing right now, at this minute, that your Heavenly Father doesn’t already know about. There is nothing that you are going through or experiencing that He hasn’t already forseen but has also 1) made a way of escape, 2) won and 3) worked out for your good

The growing process is hard and requires strength from us in places where we thought we had no strength but that is why God tells us to cast our cares upon Him. Did you know that it is when we feel as though we are totally depleted of strength, that we truly see the magnitude of the strength of God? Why? Because when we are weak and feel as though we can’t go on, God’s strength is what pulls us through

You are a winner because you are God’s child. God has given you authority to use His name to speak over your situation. Yes, the growing stage is hard and is causing you to feel uncomfortable but don’t forget that you have a mouth with which you can command the morning, (that is to say speak life into the day) speak life or death, and pull down negative situations. You have a Father that will never fail you, leave you nor forsake you. You have a future that is good. You have someone watching over you day and night, 24/7. You have someone that sees every single tear that falls from your eyes, that knows when you feel hurt, heartbroken and sorrowful, that wants to help carry that weight. 

You also have your friends. Your family, your trusted few. It may not be even up to 5 people but be grateful for the 1 that God has placed in your life with whom you can confide, cry, pray and be honest. 

I know it’s not easy. I know it’s not comfortable but we want to progress so we will face these times. What I’m saying is that you will make it through to the other side. You will be victorious and you will look back and be proud of your growth, the progress you’ve made and the way in which you’ve developed. 

Hang in there 

Bee xoxox 

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