Bee Crowned and Kika talk Emotional Wounds and Emotional Healing

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As written in my post that you can read here, the topic of emotional healing has been one that has been heavily laid on my heart to explore this year, so I’m really excited to share this podcast with you where I’m joined with my sis Kika Ashanike the founder of the Pure Hearts Ministry - a ministry dedicated to restoring hearts back to the Father. 

Kika is also the author of three amazing books which you can look at  here

As mentioned in the podcast, the topic of emotional wounds is vast and there is so much area within it to be explored. Within the podcast Kika and I touch the surface, however if you would like to talk to someone or pray with someone regarding emotional wounds and emotional healing then please feel free to contact or contact the Pure Hearts Ministry here

I hope and pray that you’re blessed by the podcast! Listen, enjoy, comment, share and be blessed

Click here to listen. 

Bee xx

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