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I love reading and I like to read quite a range of different books from cookery books, to research books, plays to poems but the majority of the books I read fall into the non-fiction category as I really enjoy learning about new and different things. Even so, sometimes, I fancy something light-hearted. Something I can just read in the evening and chill with a cup of tea and something where I can feel as though I’m growing with the character and their story…  



As part of Bee’s Book Corner, you can expect to see from time to time some Author Profiles. Author Profiles are not necessarily bios and profiles of the authors but are more so an overview of the books I’ve read by that particular author. This nicely leads me onto introduce Dayo Benson’s Author Profile.


So I came across Dayo’s name on Amazon about 3 years ago and since then whenever I’ve wanted a bit of fiction to read, I will always type her name in on Amazon and see what she’s got.


I’ve read 5 of her novels so far and I’m half way into the 6th one and one reason I really enjoy her work is not only due to the plot and storyline which really do leave you wanting to buy the next book in the series to see what happens, but more so because Benson’s book always remind me of how great and powerful God is. In and amidst the dramas, the spiritual battles, chemistry, temptations and everything else, her books always point to a greater cause and in a way make me realise even more the power and authority in the name of God.


For example in my latest read, which is called ‘The Model’, as readers we’re presented with a model and from the way Benson describes him, he seems to be the type of good looking guy that every girl would be attracted to, but and it’s a big but, he is a part of the occult world. This model then comes into contact with a Christian girl whom, after something quite drastic happens, he proceeds to take on a date. Whilst on their little outings together, they’ll always be instances where the girl will pray, regarding certain things, and the model will immediately feel something in the spirit realm: ‘the fire of God around her’ which is how it’s depicted in the book several times.


Now I’m not going to tell you the full story and I can’t anyway as I haven’t finished reading it lol but reading things like that, as small as it may seem, really do remind me of how powerful our prayers can be. Sometimes prayers can be ritualistic and just said because it’s the right thing to do but we must never lose sight of the power in the name of Jesus. This is also highlighted in Philippians 2:10 in which it is written that: ‘at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow’, essentially saying that at the name, the utterance, the whisper of the name Jesus, everything must come into submission. More expansion on this – no power, no enemy, no situation, no authority, no anything can have more power than the name of Jesus.


Tweet: “No power, no enemy, no situation, no authority, no anything can have more power than the name of Jesus.” 


This is literally just an example of what Benson’s books affirm to me which is why I enjoy reading her novels.


The Bible says in Philippians 4:8 (paraphrased) that things that are true, noble, just, pure and lovely are the sorts of things we should be thinking about or fixing our thoughts upon. You think about what you’ve been exposed to most times whether consciouslly or not, and in this world with so much junk everywhere, it can be hard to keep your mind focussed on things that edify and help build you up but there are ways. Reading Christian fiction is one of the ways that helps me.


Of course reading Christian fiction, non-fiction and even blogs and websites are not substitutes for reading the Bible where we can truly see the power and magnificence of God, however they do offer and provide encouragement and I find that they help me so at least you know that Dayo Benson’s books are available to you!*


I’ll list the Dayo Benson books that I’ve read here:


In terms of best read, I’m so far enjoying the Lincoln series moreso than the Beauty for Ashes series, but they are both great reads regardless! 


If you’ve read Dayo’s Books, comment and let me know what you think. If you plan on reading her books after this, let me know too! You can find her books on Amazon, via the links above or on her website. Happy Reading!


*Some books are written under the guise of being Christian but they actually aren’t so, I would recommend when looking for Christian fiction to read, to pray about it, ask others to recommend you some good books , join a book club and let the Holy Spirit lead you and give you discernment.


Please feel free to e-mail if you have any questions regarding this. 

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