The 5 Love Languages - Gary Champman


So February was the ‘month of love’ and just because we’re now in March, it doesn’t mean we can’t talk about love anymore lol…  In this post, I’m going to be reviewing the book


The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman


Now this book has come up as the topic of conversation in more than one of my friendship groups so it’s definitely something worth reading.


As Christians, we are called ‘to love’. An action word, a ‘doing’ word but sometimes we get it wrong…


How? If I love someone then shouldn’t that just be enough? They should appreciate the fact that I love them… mmm yes I get what you mean but this is where wisdom, knowledge and understanding come into play…

Proverbs 4:7


‘My people perish due to a lack of knowledge’ (Hosea 4:6) in other words, not knowing about something can really be detrimental. Reading this book was certainly an eye opener for me! You see I remember always doing the most when it came to my relationships – familial, friends etc. and always feeling that the more I did with regards to ‘loving’ them, the more burnt out I would feel because my actions were not being reciprocated.


Now not saying that I did things because I wanted something in return but, as I’ve grown in understanding and also read this book, I’ve come to realise that during those times, I was being loved back but just in the ways that love manifested itself to those individuals…


The Bible displays various instances of the selfish nature of man. It’s true! Our flesh is selfish! It genuinely takes the grace of the Lord and the Holy Spirit working within us to change that carnal mind-set and enable us to be more giving, sharing, caring people. But in this selfish mind-set, we only tend to see things from our viewpoint, our perspective. Gary’s book, however, helps to broaden our way of thinking.


From his own personal experiences, Gary came to the realisation that the same way, people speak different languages, people also speak different emotional and love languages. That’s why at times it may appear that you’re not feeling loved by those around you, it may not be the case though, there just may be a break in communication due to the love language that’s being spoken.


In his book, Gary discusses 5 different love languages at length and provides real life examples to illustrate these love languages.


Whilst reading the book, you may start to recognise your love language and that of those around you. You’re also able to head on over to Gary’s website to take the free test and discover what your love language really is!


This is a book that I thoroughly recommend and it’s one that I can always go back to, despite having read it before.


Gary also has a number of other books in the Love Languages series so feel free to check him out!


His website is:


Happy Reading! Happy Loving!



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