Enemies of the Heart - Andy Stanley


Snuggled up in my bed, teddies and cushions all scattered around me with some peppermint (or green) tea on my side table and a book - one of my favourite things to do and one of the things I’m currently doing with my current read:

Name: Enemies of the Heart

Author: Andy Stanley

Now I’m by no means finished but so far so good and it’s really making me think about a lot of things which by God’s grace, I’ll share once I’m done! 

I’m reading this book with the book club I’m part of called Ladies of Substance. It’s great because for one we all love reading and secondly to be honest, it’s just nice to share our different thoughts with each other and discuss how various parts of a novel made us feel. Being in a community where there’s likemindedness, a common interest and shared faith, is a wonderful ground for personal and spiritual growth and development. 

I’ll give you an update of my full thoughts of the book once I’m done but in the meantime if you want to find out more about the Ladies of Substance Bookclub, feel free to visit their site: http://www.lsbookclub.com/



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