Heart Hunger - Cindi McMenamin


I’m such a reader… Not all genres mind you but I do love a good read… Funny then how this was one of the sections that took me ages to actually get into and write. It’s not even that I had a lack of books to write about because I literally have a whole ceiling high bookshelf full of them… maybe that’s why lol. Maybe I had too many to choose from and didn’t know where to start but anyway story story lol it finally came to me in early hours “why don’t I just write about one of my favourite books??”

Now most of my favourite books for example “Purple Hibiscus” and “The Colour Purple” (don’t know what the purple link is about) I’ve read more than once but this specific one I haven’t. I am due to read it again though! 

Name of Book: Heart Hunger - Letting God Meet your Emotional Needs 

Author: Cindi McMenamin 

Feelings and emotions lol. I’ve touched on this briefly in my post: The Long Road Ahead and in all fairness it will be touched upon more and more in my posts lol. But back to the book review - to be honest in my opinion, this was such a great read, it was an eye opener. 

This book really helped me think about the value I put on my relationship with God and the value I put on my relationship with other people. It helped me to re-evaluate where my heart truly lies and to think about in whom I actually put my trust. 

Now to be honest, I totally could but I’m not going to tell you everything this book is about. What I would say is that I recommend this book to anyone who feels that they are in a bit of an emotional rut, feeling drained of always putting their hope and trust in people and not in the Lord. I would recommend this book for anyone who seeks to find their wholeness in the Lord, as Cindi does provide some tools to help with this. Finally, I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes to explore their emotions and feelings more and allow the Lord to help in managing them. 

If you’ve read it, let me know your thoughts and if you plan to read it, let me know how it goes! 

Disclaimer: Like many non-fiction Christian books out there, there is a high chance that you could read and think that the author is talking directly to you and telling you a few home truths - some we may be willing to hear and some that we may not be ready for… so just bear that in mind lol. 

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