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Liberating, honest and transparent. Just a few of the words that I would use to describe the “Intimate” sessions I attended last year hosted by the lovely ministry Love Limitless 



Intimate. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Well it really was. These were sessions led by Love Limitless founder Ify Alexis and they explored just a few of the issues and struggles that some Christian women face in their daily lives. From dealing with loneliness and being single right down to deep secret struggles that some Christian women may struggle and be afraid to tell someone about, such as lust and pornography. 


Oh wow? Really?? That deep? Yes it really was and the thing is, regardless of whether any of the issues spoke about directly affected you or not, it was so encouraging to be in an environment with likeminded individuals that could identify with you in one way or another. 

Being in a setting where you can essentially share life stories and receive encouragement, tips for help, or even just a listening ear without judgement was just so liberating and refreshing! The devil is truly a liar in that he convinces us that we’re the only one on the planet that is dealing with something, as a means of isolating us so that we don’t reach out and seek help and/or advice, but guys can I just tell you that, that is a lie of the enemy. In your Christian walk, you are not alone. 



God firstly and foremost will never leave us nor forsake us and not only is God there but God has blessed us with people on this earth in whom we can trust and confide. (Of course one needs to use wisdom and have a spirit of discernment so as not to just be spilling information anyhow but this is another topic lol) 


Anyway back to “Intimate”, one of the activities we had to do in our little groups we got split into was to write down something we wish to no longer have a hold over us anymore. Once we did this, all of our pieces of paper were collected and joined together into a large paper chain. Some of the girls then volunteered to represent all of us there, stood in a circle and then pulled apart the chains. This was beautiful as it was symbolic of the fact that in Christ, strongholds have no place in our lives and through the precious gift of Salvation, we no longer have to be held bound and subject by issues. 



My lovely readers, if you’re struggling with anything, reach out. Anxiety, addiction, whatever it is reach out. There is help out there and you are not alone. As I said earlier in my post, one of the ploys of the enemy is to make an individual believe that they are the only person on the planet that is dealing with a particular issue but remember that as it says in Ecclesiastes ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’ The reason the enemy does this is so that you can remain in bondage and condemnation and not live in the freedom that has been provided for us by Jesus Christ.

Living in freedom doesn’t mean that you’re acting irresponsibly and recklessly, using the grace of the Lord as a means of acting without a care in the world but living in freedom to an extent does mean that you’re abiding to the guidelines of the Holy Spirit. I’ll talk about this more in another post though…

Yes you are the only one of you to go through something but most time, it has happened to someone before and it will happen to someone again. It’s not even about trying to dismiss your feelings or play down how you may feel but just to emphasise to you that there is someone out there that will most assuredly help you.

A lot of the time we isolate ourselves. We convince ourselves that people are out to get us, we block our hearts because of the world that we live in. We put on a I need to take care of myself front and persona and we shut people out not knowing that in the process of us doing that we’re pushing away the very people that are ready with open hearts, ears and minds to help, listen and pray for us.

Attending this event highlighted the strong bond that lies in fellowship, the power of praying together and also the beauty that lies in being truthful with one’s self and also one another.

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